Feng Shui Lounge Layout

Feng Shui Lounge Layout

Classical Feng Shui interior form analysis, considers natural lighting, room layout and furniture position. Learn the important aspects within your living room and lounge.

Feng Shui Lounge
Feng Shui Lounge


The sofa or armchairs should not be positioned with a window or door behind them.

The sofas and armchairs should hug the interior walls away from the doors and windows.

Your main sitting position should be facing the door or window, or both, so that they are in view when sitting down. This is known as the commanding position and ensures protection from behind and to the sides.

Feng Shui Daylighting


The window should let as much natural daylight in as possible.

Ensure that the window is not overshadowed by trees or structures.

The view from the window should be pleasant and not over dominant.

The lounge is usually used in the afternoons and evenings so suits a Southern towards Western sector (this does not take into account the orientation or Flying Stars of a specific property).