Feng Shui Wealth Tips

Feng Shui for Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

What are your goals with Feng Shui?

I often hear residents say "I want a Feng Shui survey to increase my wealth, money, finance and give me a greater income", or business owners contact me with a linear mindset of "We're hiring you to boost sales, turnover, increase revenue and profits”.

It is unfortunate that in the modern world, the main focus of many people seeking a Feng Shui consultation is money.  Here to help put things into perspective, are my Feng Shui tips for wealth. If you hear the following phrases used by a Feng Shui practitioner, please don’t waste your precious money.

  • Feng Shui money corner
  • Feng Shui money tree
  • Lucky wealth bamboo
  • Feng Shui money frog
  • Chinese coins
  • Wealth enhancers
  • Activating the wealth corner

Spending money on useless lucky ornaments, charms and remedies will only see you lining the pockets of someone else. Ask yourself practically how can a tacky product help improve your own finances. When did the moment occur that you handed over responsibility of creating your own successes in life, in exchange for some Chinese coins and nothing more than a wish!

Wealth Tips Gone Wrong

In Chinese philosophy the phrase "I think so, therefore it will be" is never used. Intention has become a huge business, based on a distorted idea of positive thinking, projection and attraction. Feng Shui comes from Taoist philosophy, based on the theory of Yin Yang, the darkness and the light. For in the darkness there is always a speck of light and in the light there is always a speck of darkness. Taoist philosophy is based on working with potential in life.

Life is a process of change, as events are born, come to life, are fruitful, weaken and die. Whilst an optimistic and positive outlook is important, we must not abandon the very cycle that is life and accept the highs with the lows. Relying on Feng Shui products to open doors on our journey will only disappoint. You still need to be an active part of the process in a journey.

Promises of wealth can only be broken as Classical Feng Shui is based on probability, not certainty. The true practice does not focus purely on 'wealth'. Feng Shui can help raise potential in various areas of professional and personal life. Depending on the orientation of a property, each sector will hold a variety of influences that are associated with particular areas of potential.

Some properties do not hold sectors that are associated with finance in their natal stars. Some properties hold financial combinations that could be in poor areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, storage etc. Some properties have beneficial sectors that have a perfect room function for the influence.

The blueprint differs between properties, and then everything changes with time. Nothing stays the same, from year to year or from time period to time period, in Classical Feng Shui the natal and visiting stars in a property are in a constant cycle of change.

"Without a wealth corner, is Feng Shui a failure?" No, as promoting the 'wealth corner' would be unethical as a certified consultant. It just doesn’t exist. In the grand arena that is life, how important are other areas to you? e.g. health, wellness, completion, stability, recognition, communication, progression, security, relationships, support and so on.

In Feng Shui none of these are singular focus, as environment analysis looks at the bigger picture. By identifying the property blueprint and which natal stars are favourable, neutral and unfavourable, a greater understanding of how these can influence you is found. The yearly influence can then be used to see how the visiting stars interact with each sector over shorter periods of time.

It is also important to note that 60% of a Classical Feng Shui analysis is based on the exterior form that surrounds a property. The external environment both urban and natural must be analysed first to see what is coming towards each sector of a property. It may be that the bricks and mortar property are the best Feng Shui possible, yet there may be a weakness in the surrounding environment that is having an impact on the potential.


  • Avoid spending money on Feng Shui products
  • Take charge of your own path in life
  • Don’t get sucked into quick fix solutions
  • Hire a Feng Shui professional for a survey
  • Enjoy life as a process of change

The real goal of Feng Shui is to manipulate your living and working environment to create potential and support by making the most of your surroundings.