Feng Shui Guarantee

Feng Shui Guarantee

Feng Shui Guarantee

What to Look for when Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

The Feng Shui Promise
The scenario; you’ve had a Feng Shui survey, and have been left with a bitter taste in your mouth. The promises of wealth, career and love didn’t come true. You spent good money on Feng Shui products endorsed by the consultant and have now told everyone you know how fake Feng Shui is.

“Feng Shui is worthless - this 'art' doesn’t work”
“The consultant disappeared and never returned my calls”
“I have been told to move as the Feng Shui is wrong”

From my experience as a consultant, I have been asked to perform many Feng Shui surveys after another consultant has conducted one. Little in this world will make you rich, famous, loved or healthy by waving a magic wand or setting an intention. It is impossible, unethical and shows a lack of professional integrity to promise Feng Shui solutions that are 100% guaranteed. Promising something you cannot deliver is the number one fake Feng Shui crime.

Authentic Feng Shui consultants will only ever make suggestions and recommendations based on probability and potential. Your property is observed, measured and analysed using ancient mathematical calculations and geographical analysis. Recommendations are made which aim to make the most of favourable areas or which lessen the effect of unfavourable areas. Recommendations are never certain. We do the best we can with the tools we have.

Questions they ask you
Beware of cold reading, where the Feng Shui Consultant questions you, your family, your home and your lifestyle. They then base their findings on what you want to hear. It is unnecessary for the consultant to ask personal or irrelevant questions. How much personal information are you willing to give somebody you don’t know? A professional Feng Shui consultant can work with the following simple information.

  • Contact details: Name, address and telephone number.
  • Occupant details: Any occupants/family members, the sex and position in the family.
  • Personal details: Date of birth of the occupants.
  • Property details: When the structure was built, date of major structural changes, any areas of water damage or structural repair, the move in date, unused areas, whether your own or rent the property.

Persuasion & bamboozling techniques
How does a salesman manage to sell you something you don’t need? Tactics? Clever marketing? Psychology? Yes and more.

It’s not uncommon in any line of business for someone to use tried and tested sales techniques. Unfortunately Feng Shui falls within ‘any line of business’ too. If you feel that the consultant is giving you the hard sell, take a step back and ask yourself if you feel comfortable, confused or feel like you are being coerced or pushed?

Go with your gut instinct, if you don’t feel happy when you speak with them initially, chances are you won’t feel happier at the end of the consultation. The focus should be on you, your property and working with you in a way that isn’t demanding or wrapped in gold leaf. You have chosen to have a Feng Shui consultation as you want to make changes in your life, to be guided by a professional and not to be dictated to.

Beware of certain terminology that Feng Shui Consultants might use, and if you do hear these terms, ask for clarification on their meaning and how they relate your property and Feng Shui.

  • Intuition
  • Spiritual
  • Faith
  • Belief
  • Religion
  • Secret
  • Mystical
  • Destiny
  • Power
  • Cure

Word of mouth
Ask friends or family if they have had a Feng Shui survey, as word of mouth referrals are often the most effective research! Failing that contact holistic centres or clinics, as these like-minded professionals may have personal experience of a Feng Shui consultation.

I hope this article has given you a clearer idea on on finding a consultant. Wishing you well on your Feng Shui journey.