Feng Shui Wealth Tips

Feng Shui Wealth Tips What are your goals with Feng Shui? I often hear residents say “I want a Feng Shui survey to increase my wealth, money, finance and give me a greater income”, or business owners contact me with … Read more

Feng Shui Home Tips

Feng Shui Home Tips Living in Harmony on the Land Our ancestors, primitive cultures, aborigines and indigenous people all placed less demands on the land they lived on than we currently do in modern day. They did not necessarily live … Read more

Feng Shui Colour Schemes

Feng Shui Colour Schemes The history of colour is rooted in ancient times, religion and culture. There are many colour schemes and colour associations from varying corners of the globe. Here are the three main groups; Western, Eastern and Feng … Read more

Feng Shui Guarantee

Feng Shui Guarantee What to Look for when Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant The Feng Shui Promise The scenario; you’ve had a Feng Shui survey, and have been left with a bitter taste in your mouth. The promises of wealth, … Read more

Front Door Colour

Front Door Colour Compass School Feng Shui What door colour suits your property, using the Lo Pan compass to determine your site mountain. This article gives you a step by step method of Feng Shui analysis. Compass Reading Take a … Read more

Interior Beams and Edges

Interior Beams and Edges Classical Feng Shui INTERIOR FORM SCHOOL Angles, Beams & Protruding Corners Dominant wall corners, beams or columns are seen as unfavourable, known as cutting Chi or poison arrows. This creates suppression and is not a favourable … Read more

Fake Feng Shui

Fake Feng Shui Classical or Traditional Feng Shui is often confused with other practices. The following article will advise what authentic Feng Shui is. Other fields are usually based on belief, spiritualism and psychology. Traditional Feng shui methods do not … Read more

Feng Shui Clutter

Feng Shui Clutter Clutter reduces the size of your home. Imagine the more unorganised storage you have, the smaller your home office or lounge becomes. Your room can literally shrink in front of your eyes, how constricting does that feel? … Read more