Feng Shui 8 Mansions (Pa Chai)

There are two methods using the Eight Mansions analysis. The first is used for room placement, known as the House Kua. The other is the Personal or Life Kua, which uses a person’s date of birth to map out the four favourable sectors and the four unfavourable sectors in the home.

House Kua

The Eight Mansions House Kua formula is calculated using the Site and Facing Mountain of your property. The property is divided into eight sectors, each sector has a particular type of chi associated with it. It’s the simplest Feng Shui method to calculate and the findings are a permanent state, meaning they do not change with time. This formula can be manipulated with room location and function. Each property will be known as one of the 8 House Kua’s, based on the site degree calculated from the rear of the property:

House Site North Kan 1 Water
House Site North East Gen 8 Earth
House Site East Gen 8 Earth
House Site South East Xun 4 Wood
House Site South Kun 2 Earth
House Site South West Gen 8 Earth
House Site West Dui 7 Metal
House Site North West Qian 6 Metal

Favourable Locations

Sheng Chi Yen-nian T’ien yi Yi Fu wei
Generating Chi Lengthening years Heavenly doctor House siting location
(Most favourable)
Personal relationships
Family relationships
Good fortune

Unfavourable Locations

Huo hai Wu kuei Liu sha Chueh ming
Accidents & mishaps Five ghosts Six evils, evil spirits Severed fate
Bad luck
Mild physical injury
Emotional pain
Legal problems
Complete loss
(Least favourable)

The 8 Mansions House Kua formula is only a small part of the complete Feng Shui survey, and are used alongside other Feng Shui Compass School methods such as the Flying Stars. It’s a simple and easy to do calculation that shows the best locations on a basic level. The findings are quite rigid. Using the 8 Mansions alone will not provide a detailed analysis of your surrounding environment, as there are so many other influences.

House Kua - Doors
The main door should face and be located in any of the favourable sectors for your particular Kua number. A main door with an auspicious direction creates potential, however if this door is in a favourable location but is not used, the potential is lost.

House Kua - Rooms
It’s a good idea to have the favourable sectors with important room functions, where you work, rest and sleep. For the unfavourable sectors, these are ideal locations for functions such as storage areas, empty/unused areas e.g. garages attached to the home, guest bedrooms, WCs, kitchens and bathrooms.

Personal Kua Number
In Feng Shui 8 Mansions, the formula is calculated using the Site Mountain of the property, your year of birth and gender. It’s the simplest Feng Shui calculation to do. Each date of birth is 1 of 9 different Kua numbers. This method looks at how your personal Kua number relates to the property, advising the most favourable and unfavourable sectors for an individual person.

Caveat: The Personal Kua analysis is not to be confused with using the House Kua calculations for room placement, as conflicting results for each member of the family would occur. For room placements, only House Kua analysis is used.

Please note
• This Eight Mansions method is where Feng Shui and Personal Astrology collide.
• The Eight Mansions are not related to new age Feng Shui systems known as the Eight Life Aspirations or Eight Life Stations. These are not recognised as classical Feng Shui methods.

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