Interior Beams and Edges

Interior Beams and Edges

Interior Beams and Edges

Classical Feng Shui


Angles, Beams & Protruding Corners

Dominant wall corners, beams or columns are seen as unfavourable, known as cutting Chi or poison arrows. This creates suppression and is not a favourable feature in the home. Bear in mind proportion though, as every shelf edge, wall corner and sharp edge of the furniture would be too many to count and overcome. Common sense and good design prevails in interior from Feng Shui.

Front Door
A column or pillar that is in the line of the front door as you enter the home is not advised. This causes a blockage and does not allow Chi to enter the home freely to circulate. Any overhead beams, RSJ’s or lintels as you enter the front door, also have the same effect, causing pressure and tension for the occupants.

It is not advisable to rest, work or sleep under a beam as it can cause tension, pressure, disturbed sleep, restlessness, headaches and lethargy. As you sleep with a beam overhead, you’ll have a subconscious feeling that something is looming over you, or about to fall on top of you, which may upset sleep patterns and cause fatigue and irritability.

In a bedroom where beams across the ceiling are unavoidable, and in a home where disguising them cannot be done, the bed should face the long length of the beam, rather than across the bed from left to right. ‘Paint the beam out’, which means paint the beam the same colour as the ceiling so that it is not enhanced by a colour contrast.

Protruding Corners/Angled Columns
It is often easier to disguise a hard vertical edge with a structure than one on the ceiling. You can use planting, rounded moulding, soft furnishings or decoration to soften the hard edges. The best way is avoidance, arrange the furniture so that it is not in line with the angle coming straight out of the corners.

Compass School Flying Stars
Another part to consider would be the Flying Stars within a room, as any unfavourable form e.g. beam, RSJ’s or lintels etc. would enhance the effects of a negative combination of Stars.