I Ching Astrology Superficial Star

I Ching Astrology Superficial Star

9 Star Ki can be used as a numerology system to find out who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, the dynamic in your relationships and what influences each year holds for you.

Superficial Star: How people see you.

This article looks at the day calculation, known as the superficial or energetic star. This is the third star out of three. This star governs how we are perceived by other people. It’s also how you communicate and talk, your dress sense and how you drive you car. Visit this link to learn how to calculate the superficial star.

1 Water Star

Trigram K’an
Symbolism Water
Family member Middle son
Element Water
Colour Black or blue
Direction North

  • Fun people to spend time with, social and full of life.
  • Can come across as a powerful influence.
  • Can seem vague in their communication and struggle to verbalise well.
  • May appear like a flaky or water personality which does not represent their inner character.
  • May be up and down as a person.
  • Can seem to procrastinate.

2 Earth Star

Trigram K’un
Symbolism Earth
Family member Mother
Element Earth (yin)
Colour Black
Direction South West

  • Comes across as an easy going character.
  • Can help make others feel at ease.
  • Helpful and thoughtful.
  • Friendly on a surface level.
  • A reliable person to be around.
  • The diplomat in a group.
  • This person will keep their promise.
  • Can come across fussy.

3 Wood Star

Trigram Chen
Symbolism Thunder
Family member Eldest Son
Element Wood (yang)
Colour Bright Green
Direction East

  • Can appear noisy as a person.
  • Spontaneous and enthusiastic.
  • Can be great fun to be around.
  • Full of energy and get up and go.
  • The optimist in a group.
  • Can appear reckless and rash.
  • Good stamina, drive and momentum.
  • Likes to rant.
  • Can be self centred.
  • Can be easily bored if not stimulated.

4 Wood Star

Trigram Sun
Symbolism Wind
Family member Eldest Daughter
Element Wood (yin)
Colour Green
Direction South East

  • Comes across as a gentle and easy going character.
  • Can seem charming and graceful.
  • Can appear aloof or evasive and be difficult to pin down.
  • They can be quiet on the surface.
  • Keeps their thoughts to themselves.

5 Earth Star

Trigram None – The centre T’ai Chi
Symbolism The centre
Family member None
Element Earth
Colour Yellow
Direction None

  • Can come across as being in charge.
  • Can seem to be in control.
  • Can appear as controlling and dominating.
  • Must be involved in a group.
  • If the other two numbers are the same, this strengthens and mirrors the associations with the other two numbers.

6 Metal Star

Trigram Ch’ien
Symbolism Heaven
Family member Father
Element Metal (yang)
Colour White or metallic
Direction North West

  • Can appear as a straight talker, someone who gets straight to the point.
  • Comes across as focus and detail oriented.
  • Skilled in all means of communication, focusing on accuracy.
  • Someone who is always on time.
  • Good at planning.
  • Can come across as overbearing.

7 Metal Star

Trigram Tui
Symbolism Lake
Family member Youngest Daughter
Element Metal (yin)
Colour Red
Direction West

  • A fun person to be around.
  • Appears sociable, relaxed and can relate well.
  • Good wit and humour.
  • Has their own sense of style.
  • Likes to listen to others.
  • Can appear subservient.

8 Earth Star

Trigram Ken
Symbolism Mountain
Family member Youngest Son
Element Earth (yang)
Colour White
Direction North East

  • Must do things their way, often seeking the hard way.
  • Can appear stubborn and inflexible.
  • Can come across as uncommunicative.
  • May seem closed off and reserved, which does not represent their true character.
  • Can appear to navigate life’s complications well.

9 Fire Star

Trigram Li
Symbolism Fire
Family member Middle daughter
Element Fire
Colour Purple
Direction South

  • Can see very expressive.
  • Comes across as flamboyant, warm and light.
  • A colourful character.
  • May seem like a show off.
  • Can appear to miss the finer details.
  • Can seem like a chicken with no head.
  • Can act upon impulse.