Feng Shui Myths

Feng Shui Myths

Feng Shui Myths

Common Areas of Confusion Revealed

Do you suffer with Feng Shui confusion? What are the main Feng Shui myths? Have you come across any Feng Shui old wives tales? I often get asked questions about Feng Shui that people have read in books or heard about in magazines. Most of them are myths and new age nonsense. This article will help guide you through common myths and how the oversimplifying of Classical Feng Shui has become a marketing demon.

Classical Feng Shui
Each property has a specific orientation and within that orientation is room layout, front and back doors, building shape, plot shape, external landscape form and interior room form. These are analysed separately and together to calculate strengths and weaknesses for the property and occupants during that time period. Practical recommendations are then made to improve the Feng Shui of the property.

The Wealth Corner
Myth: The wealth corner is in the South East sector of the property or it’s in the left-hand corner from the door.
Fact: In Classical Feng Shui, the wealth corner doesn’t exist. Each property has a specific orientation which is analysed to determine the permanent, natal and visiting Flying Stars in each sector. Some combinations are associated with wealth. The wealth energy needs to be activated by using the Five Element Theory and interior form, either by producing or strengthening the Flying Stars combination. The wealth combination changes with time moving from area to area. Unfortunately hanging 3 coins by a red ribbon will not bring you wealth. The wealth corner myth comes from new-age Feng Shui, developed in the 1970s to water down the complexity of Classical Feng Shui for a Western audience. Still practiced today, often called Black hat Feng Shui and 3 Gate Feng Shui. In these practices the Lopan compass is not used. Instead, every house is given an eight square grid judged by the front door. This creates corners in the home that are associated with different energies. An over-simplified and ineffective method of analysis.

Belief & Intention
Myth: Feng Shui won’t work if you don’t believe or give positive thoughts to it.
Fact: More Feng Shui confusion! What does belief have to do with Feng Shui, nothing. Being exposed to your surrounding environment has a subconscious impact on our lives. Think of the difference in mood between a small, cold, damp padded cell with no natural daylight and a grand south facing room with floor to ceiling windows, warmth, views and comfort. Which room would you feel oppressive in? Do you have to believe you are in such a room, without your body and mind responding subconsciously to what you are experiencing. No.

The Relationship Corner
Myth: There is a toilet in my relationship corner, my partner and I are doomed.
Fact: As with the wealth corner, the relationship corner is another gimmick. This again is the over-simplified watered down version of Feng Shui that developed in the 1970s. The relationship corner is seen as the South West sector or the right-hand corner of the property from the front door. Will a toilet in the relationship corner drain away the life out of your marriage? Not necessarily. As before the compass school Feng Shui Flying Stars methods give us a combination of Stars for each sector, and for a particular time period. Nothing lasts forever, and this is so in Feng Shui. Now a toilet in a location with an unfavourable combination of Stars for the current time period would be beneficial. A complete analysis of the orientation and sectors using the Flying Stars provides an authentic blueprint for the types of energy and different room functions.

Bagua Mirrors
Myth: Bagua mirrors are remedies for negative energy.
Fact: Functionally mirrors enhance a space, reflect light and provide a decorative reflection of the interior. Bagua mirrors are a Feng Shui gimmick, said to reflect negative energy away from poison arrows. Hanging them on a door isn’t beneficial, it’s purely an ornament.

Red Door
Myth: Every door must be painted red for good luck.
Fact: How black and white is this! The colour of the front door is based on the specific orientation of the property, as you need an elemental colour that supports the orientation. With the 5 Elements Theory, there are 5 choices of colour combinations. Putting a red door (the Fire Element) on a door that needs the another Element can be conflicting, antagonistic and draining on the home.

Myth: Hanging Feng Shui crystals are cures/remedies for bad Chi.
Fact: Feng Shui fooey, crystals are not related to Feng Shui. They are a new age discipline that has tagged onto Feng Shui for marketing purposes. In the Five Element Theory the crystal material is seen as the Water or Earth element.  So called Feng Shui crystals are nothing more than crystals.

Myth: Dragons, Tigers, Turtles, Mandarin ducks for good luck
Fact: Lucky charms, bamboo shoots, coins, figurines are merely ornaments, not related to Classical Feng Shui methods. These are money making gimmicks.

Good Luck Colours
Myth: There are certain colours for good luck in business in the North area of a property.
Fact: Nonsense. This again is the over-simplified watered down version of Feng Shui that developed in the 1970s. Each property has a specific orientation, within the sectors colour can be used to represent one of the five elements. Each sector holds a combination of Flying Stars that need activating or remedying using the Five Element Theory. Every property will be different. It’s ineffective to activate an element in the North area when it’s associated with business, if the room function is a garage, a non-habitable space. Click here for more information on Feng Shui Colours.

Water Feature by the Front Door
Myth: Water by the front door or entrance will create wealth.
Fact: Water is the strongest and most powerful of all elements, it’s used sparingly in Feng Shui. Siting water in the plot is not as simplistic as by the front door or entrance. Again it depends on the orientation of the property and a set of calculations using the Water Dragon formula and the source of Chi. Every home will be different, some may not need the Water element.

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