9 Star Ki Astrology

9 Star Ki Astrology

I Ching Astrology

In the West, astrology is usually associated with the star signs e.g. Pisces, Scorpio etc. In China, the most common astrology system is the ‘4 Pillars of Destiny’ or 'Bazi', using the heavenly stems and earthly branches e.g. rooster, yang fire.

What is I Ching Astrology?

It is also known as 9 Star Ki or Feng Shui astrology. This numerology system uses the 8 trigrams from the I Ching, the central Lo Shu number and the Lo Shu square. There are 9 stars in total. The I Ching / Book of Changes is at the very core of ancient Taoist philosophy. This astrology system originates from Japan (Kyu Sei Ki) and predates Chinese astrology. Ki translates as Qi or Chi = energy, meaning influence or association in astrology.

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9 Star Ki can be used as a system of timing. The system uses the year, month and day you were born to calculate three numbers that represent who you are. There are 108 permutations from your date of birth. These can the be analysed with the current day, month and year.


The Chinese trigrams are numbered 1 to 9. They each represent a compass direction, element, season, organ, body part, weather, temperature, shape, emotion, characteristic, symbolism, family member and many more associations. Each trigram rotates around the Lo Shu square in 9 year day, month and year cycles. The new year is governed by the Chinese ‘Ten Thousand’ year calendar, with a new year beginning around the 4 February each year, the first day of spring.


9 Star Ki gives you insight into your core character, who you are on the inside, your inner child and how people see you. It also helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how and where to apply them. Analysis with others helps you to understand those around you, by understanding who they are on a deeper level, discovering how you are compatible, where your differences are and how best to support and interact with others.

Personally this can help support family dynamics and personal relationships. Professionally this could help you work with others better, manage a team effectively and get the best out of your staff. This can also be used to support recruitment for candidate selection.


9 Star Ki is a system of timing, to be in the right place at the right time. Each day, month and year has a different influence. Each year has an overall influence on your date of birth. Your principal number (star) will occupy a specific house for one year which has many associations with it.

You can study the expected influences for each year which has the largest impact, then the month, even down to the day which has the least impact. With a system of timing, you can analysis when to push forwards, when to change career or start a new business, when to rest, when to be reflective, when to move home etc. There are a number of ways you can use 9 Star Ki to help you make the most out of timing.


9 Star Ki can also be used for directionology. Depending on the compass direction you travel, each will have a specific influence associated with it. You can analyse major travel plans and moving home to see whether the influence will support you favourable or unfavourably.

“Abstaining from speech marks him who is obeying the spontaneity of his nature. A violent wind does not last for a whole morning; a sudden rain does not last for the whole day. To whom is it that these (two) things are owing? To Heaven and Earth. If Heaven and Earth cannot make such (spasmodic) actings last long, how much less can man!”

Chapter 23: Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu, J. Legge, Translator, (Sacred Books of the East, Vol 39) [1891]

What are your I Ching astrology numbers

How to calculate your Ching astrology numbers

& your personality traits

First Number

  1. Use the principal star calculation to determine what your 1st star is. This uses your year of birth.
  2. Look up the persona and character associations with this number.

Second Number

  1. Use the character star calculation to determine what your 2nd star is. This uses your month of birth.
  2. Look up the inner child associations with this number.

Third Number

  1. Use the superficial star calculation to determine what your 1st star is. This uses your day of birth.
  2. Look up the associations from the way people see you in life.

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