Classical Feng Shui is a tool for environment analysis, to find balance between a property and the land by studying orientation, landform, location and time. It is the study of the earth (geography), heaven (astronomy) and our human interactions. The surrounding environment and the space you occupy all have an influence on your life. This website passes on Clasical Feng Shui methods for your to find out the unique blueprint of your home and plot.

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Learn the unique Feng Shui blueprint of your home. Receive an in-depth professional report with a transparent view of the Classical Feng Shui methods used, showing the relationship between the methods, your property and family. The art of creating potential.

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Assess your property using the 2022 Feng Shui influences, available wherever you live in the world. This service provides a mini professional analysis of your plot and property, showing where the favourable and unfavourable sectors are in your home over the coming year.

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