Feng Shui Resources

Feng Shui Resources

View over a variety of how to guides, information and professional insight into the world of wind and water.

What is Compass School Feng Shui

Feng Shui Compass School
Details of the Classical compass methods used with the Chinese Lo Pan compass.

Feng Shui Form School
Details of the relationship between form, landscape, landform and Feng Shui.  Interior form and exterior form.

Compass Reading
Instructions to take an accurate compass reading.

Feng Shui Home Extensions
When renovating the home, adding on structures to the property changes the blueprint.

Feng Shui Myths
This article will help guide you through common myths and how the oversimplifying of Classical Feng Shui has become a marketing demon.

Fake Feng Shui
This article will show you which fields are often seen as Feng Shui, and what that practice really is.

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth
Why is there so much emphasis on wealth in Feng Shui? Money corner, lucky bamboo, Chinese coins… what do you believe will bring you more money?

Feng Shui Basics
Know your new age from authentic! People are wary about Feng Shui Practitioners and with good cause.

Is there a Guarantee

You’ve had a Feng Shui survey, and have been left with a bitter taste in your mouth. The promises of wealth, career and love didn’t come true.

Questions to ask a Feng Shui Consultant
This page provides advice on the types to ask a Feng Shui Practitioner before you hire them. Finding the right Consultant to suit your needs can be difficult.

Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant
A helpful article to advise you of the ‘red flags’ to look out for when hiring a Feng Shui professional.

Feng Shui Survey

Sustainable Feng Shui
Is Feng Shui really eco-friendly – or is this just a marketing gimic.

Living in Harmony on the Land
What this overused Feng Shui phrase means in modern times.

Floor Plan
How to draw an accurate floor plan to scale, to use in Classical Feng Shui analysis.

The 5 Element Cycles
The four cycles of the Feng Shui Elements (constructive, destructive, insulting, draining).

Feng Shui Room Colours
Visual guide to the decor of each Element in the 5 Element Theory.

Architecture and the 5 Elements
In the surrounding environment, shapes in the landscape whether natural or built correspond to the five element theory.

Feng Shui Elements & Colour
The colours that symbolise the 5 Elements in Feng Shui & how these are different from Western & other Eastern theories.