Feng Shui Eight Mansions Locations

Eight Mansions Locations

In Classical Feng Shui, the Eight Mansions House Kua calculation provides insight into the permanent energies of a property, with four favourable and four unfavourable to assist with room location. The Eight Mansions House Kua formula is calculated using the Site and Facing Mountain of your property. The property is divided into eight sectors, each sector has a particular type of chi associated with it. This webpage discusses each sector in detail. Read more details about the Eight Mansions here.

There are 8 different formulas for the House Kua:

Site Mountain – North / Facing Mountain – South

Site Mountain – North East / Facing Mountain – South West

Site Mountain – East / Facing Mountain – West

Site Mountain – South East / Facing Mountain – North West

Site Mountain – South / Facing Mountain – North

Site Mountain – South West / Facing Mountain – North East

Site Mountain – West / Facing Mountain – East

Site Mountain – North West / Facing Mountain – South East

Favourable Locations

Sheng Chi Yen-nian T’ien yi Yi Fu wei
Generating Chi Lengthening years Heavenly doctor House siting location
(Most favourable)
Personal relationships
Family relationships
Good fortune

Using Favourable Locations for Doors
The main door should face and be located in any of the favourable sectors for your particular Kua number. A main door with an auspicious direction creates potential, however if this door is in a favourable location but is not used, the potential is lost.

Using Favourable Locations for Rooms
It’s a good idea to have the favourable sectors with important room functions.

Sleep: Where you sleep takes up approx 6-8 hours of your time each night, which is around one third of your life spent in bed. It’s important to ensure this as influence that is supportive, to create an environment that helps you rest, recover and recharge overnight.

Rest: The lounge or a room that you spend a lot of time relaxing in. Again, as with the bedroom, resting is vital to the body.

Dining Room: Where you eat your food, whether breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner.

Work or Study: Home offices, library, study or where the children to their homework. All important functions where you need focus, commitment, energy and inspiration.

Other Rooms: Anywhere you spend more than a few hours in can be looked at with Feng Shui methods. We all use our homes for different purposes, so it’s important to look at where you spend your time at home each day.

Unfavourable Locations

Huo hai Wu kuei Liu sha Chueh ming
Accidents & mishaps Five ghosts Six evils, evil spirits Severed fate
Bad luck
Mild physical injury
Emotional pain
Legal problems
Complete loss
(Least favourable)

Using Unfavourable Locations for Rooms

Kitchen / Bathroom / WC / Storage: Perfect for any influences that are unfavourable, as the type of Qi will be suppressed, making the effects lesser. Learn about the oven site and facing location in the 8 Mansions here.

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