5 Earth House 2023

Five Earth House I Ching Astrology

5 Earth House 2023

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The Lo Shu square with number 5 in the middle stars the same, this is the base Lo Shu that is permanent and does not move. Each of the 9 principal stars move around the Lo Shu square every year. Each year holds a specific essence that influences you for that time period. Knowing which house you are in for the year helps you understand what to expect and how to use the yearly influences to raise potential.

Which house does your I Ching astrology star occupy during the:

  • 9 years cycles
  • 9 month cycles
  • 9 day cycles

The largest impact is the year house. You can also calculate month per month for emotions and health, and day by day for the essence of the day.

I Ching Astrology 5 House 2023

4 Yin Wood Lo Shu Year

4 Yin Wood Principal Star – is in the – 5 Earth House


  • This 5 year lays out the next 9 years for you.
  • The house of rebirth.
  • No season/all seasons.
  • The beginning and end of the cycle.
  • This is  the house you are born in.
  • It is wise to stay still for the year.
  • Stay still as much as possible or be prepared for what comes ahead.
  • Gather yourself this year with no major upheavals.
  • You can make changes, but only solid and well considered positive changes.
  • A time of enormous change.
  • You may feel excited by the sense of change.
  • Opportunities may come your way.
  • It can be an unpredictable time, with extremes that can go either way.
  • Take time to pause, be considered and reflect on your actions.
  • As this is in the centre of the Lo Shu square, the other numbers face inwardly towards you, which means this is the year people gravitate towards you.
  • Be modest in indulgences.
  • Look after your emotional health.
  • Avoid extremes in your life e.g. nutrition, routines and habits.


Health Weakness

  • Gallbladder, balancing/calming organ, being calm is strength, being inpatient is weakness.

Five Element Interactions in 2023

  • 4 Yin Wood is in a controlling cycle with the 5 earth house.
  • This means take extra care with health, lifestyle, and emotions this year. Take care to stay grounded.