Flying Stars 2021

The new Feng Shui year begins on the 3th February 2021, in line with the Chinese solar year, Li Chun, the first day of Spring. 2021 is governed by the Ox and the 6 Metal Lo Shu number. Every year … Read More

The Armchair Formation

Classical Feng Shui – The Landscape Exterior Form School analyses what lies outside the property and plot, whether the natural or built environment. The surrounding environment is broken down into four sides, which are observed to determine strengths and weaknesses. … Read More

Hallway and Stairs

FORM SCHOOL CLASSICAL FENG SHUI The importance of correct form and placement of stairs, corridors, hallways, landings and doors in Feng Shui interiors. How best to position architectural elements. Hallways/Landings/Corridors Usually narrow and long, the function of these rooms are … Read More

My Feng Shui Services

What I am not I am not an entertainer, magician, life coach, counsellor, or clairvoyant. What I won’t do Make promises about results Use fear to guide you Use cold reading Promote or endorse Feng Shui products Services I do … Read More

About Me

Welcome to ‘The Art of Wind and Water’. I have always been aware of how important our surrounding environment is. The influence that space, colour, shape, texture and form have on your health and well-being. The natural environment, surrounding landscape, … Read More

Remote Feng Shui Survey




This Feng Shui survey is a remote service available wherever you live in the world, saving you the cost of on-site meetings. Learn about the unique Feng Shui blueprint of your home, where the areas of potential are located and how to overcome unfavourable influences.


You will receive an in-depth report that gives you a transparent view of the Classical Feng Shui methods used, showing the relationship between the methods, your home and all occupants. My surveys help people towards living a more supported life using ancient methods with modern recommendations. Feel free to contact me before you place an order, I am happy to help.… Read More

Feng Shui 2020 Analysis



Mini Annual Feng Shui Analysis


Assess your property using the 2020 Feng Shui influences for the year. The annual visiting stars move position on February 4th, 2020 and remain there for one year. This survey is a base level service, using two Feng Shui methods for analysis.


Which sector will hold the troublesome influences?
Which sector do you need to use the 5 Elements in?
Which sector will support you more in 2020?
What will the overall influence of the Annual Afflictions be?
What influence will reside in the areas you work, rest & sleep?
What are the recommendations for the year?

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Online Purchases with Disclaimer & Privacy Policy We follow the guidelines set out in the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. Terms of Purchase Online purchases made via are in agreement with the terms and … Read More