Grand Duke of Jupiter

Grand Duke of Jupiter

Classical Feng Shui


In February every year one of the Chinese animals becomes the ruling Grand Duke of Jupiter, which has the authority position of the year.  This animal becomes the most important ‘Annual Affliction’ to consider with regard to ground breaking, construction and noisy activity in your plot and property. This Grand Duke sits in the same sector as that of the current year.

For this sector avoid:

  • New constructions that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Renovations to buildings that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Ground breaking, digging, demolition, maintenance in the exterior/interior
  • Renovations, remodelling, decoration in the interior
  • Noisy activities, disturbance, clutter, untidiness

If you absolutely cannot avoid ground breaking in the Grand Duke, a compromise would be to disturb the earth in one of the favourable sectors first, then move onto the Grand Duke, and finish in one of the favourable sectors. If possible leave the property during times of renovation and construction to help disperse the effects.

Avoid facing the Grand Duke when you are sitting, as this also is considered unfavourable.  Aside from the direction you face, the best way to respect the Grand Duke is with calmness, stillness and quiet time. Keep the sector quiet, tidy and in a good standard or repair/decor for the year. Associated negative effects if this sector is disturbed are: blood related illnesses and problems with authority figures at work, law, police and in relationships.