Feng Shui 8 Mansions North West Site

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Classical Feng Shui

8 Mansions Analysis - Qian 6 Metal House

The Qian 6 Metal house in the 8 mansions house kua calculation has a north site mountain and south facing mountain. This is a foundation Classical Feng Shui method, the orientation and findings are a permanent state, meaning they do not change with time.

Lo Pan 8 Mansions North West


  • Bright green sector: Best location
  • Lime green sectors: Favourable
  • Yellow sectors: Neutral
  • Orange sectors: Unfavourable
  • Red sector: Worst location

North West Site

Favourable locations

WEST: Sheng Chi - Generating Chi. This is the best location associated with success, vitality, prosperity, reputation, authority, finances, performance and careers. A great area for business activities, politics, entrepreneurs and power.

SOUTH WEST: Yen-nian – Longevity. Known for longevity in relationships. A good area for supportive personal, friendship and family relationships. A great area for harmony, communication, networking, PR and soft skills.

NORTH EAST: T’ien i - The Heavenly Doctor. This location is known for vitality, health, rejuvenation and wellness. It is associated with healing, curing illness, recuperation, rehabilitation and long healthy lives. A great area for the elderly and those who are unwell.

NORTH WEST: yi Fu wei - Stability. The house siting location; a position where you bow before the throne. Known as a neutral area that is calm and grounded. A good area for mild good fortune, stability, resting, personal cultivation and development. A location without problems, a strong and stable position for self development, meditation and study.

These four sectors are for your main living and sleeping areas. Locations where you spend a lot of time.

Unfavourable locations

SOUTH EAST: Huo hai - Mishaps. The location for accidents & mishaps. This could be physical or emotional pain and injury and is the weakest unfavourable location. An area associated with bad luck and niggly difficulties. You may suffer difficulty, get stuck in obstacles, be frustrated with life getting in the way. With a focus on difficulty in the work place.

EAST: Wu kuei – Five Ghosts. The translation is five ghosts, a location known for small problems that become a nuisance; mischief, quarrels and legal problems. An area that causes stress, gossip, arguments and backstabbing. Also known for mischief, fire, loss and robbery.

NORTH: Liu sha – Six Killings. Known as six evils, six evil spirits or six setbacks. This area is also known for legal problems, lawsuits, problems within relationships, betrayal, ill health, sports injuries, arguments, loss, lack of motivation and general difficulty.

SOUTH: Chueh ming – Exhausted Fate. The most negative of all eight sectors, seen as severed or exhausted fate, which means total loss. Associated with suffering, loss of finances, health, accidents, disease and depression.

These four areas are good locations to site a kitchen to suppress the House Kua number, or for bathrooms or for storage.