I Ching Astrology Calculate Superficial Star

Calculate your Superficial Star

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Once you have determined your year and month numbers using the 9 star Ki numerology calculations, you are ready to calculate the third number called the superficial or energetic star. It's the final number in the set of 3.

Example Superficial Star Calculations

  • Your principal star is 2 Earth Year.
  • Your month of birth is August.
  • Check the day of the month falls within the month of the ten thousand year calendar e.g. 1 August is the month before.
  • Your day of birth is 15 August.
  • Superficial star = 2 Earth.
  • Your 9 Star Ki is = 2.5.2.

Use the table below to find your superficial star number, and then visit the superficial star page to find out the associations with this character.

9 Star Ki Calculate Superficial Star

Breakdown of the Superficial Star Calculation

This calculation uses the principal and character star numbers and the Lo Shu square.