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Calculate your Character Star

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Once you have determined your year number / principle star using the 9 star Ki numerology calculation, you are ready for number 2. This is the star that relates to your inner child, who you are on the inside.

Example Character Star Calculation

  • Your principal star is 2 Earth Year.
  • Your month of birth is August.
  • Check the day of the month falls within the month of the ten thousand year calendar e.g. 1 August is the month before.
  • Your day of birth is 15 August.
  • Character star = 5 Earth.
  • The year and month number of your 9 Star Ki is = 2.5.

Once you have calculated your character star, you can move onto the day star calculation. Visit this page to find out what your character star means. If you prefer to avoid doing any maths, use the handy table below to find out your character star.

I Ching Astrology Character Stars