I Ching Astrology Trigrams

I Ching Astrology Trigrams

9 Star Ki

The 'Late Heaven' Trigrams Sequence

Ba / Pa means Eight
Kua or Gua means Trigram

Each of the 8 Stars relate to one of the Trigrams from the I Ching / Book of Changes. 1 star is associated with the centre, known as the Tai Chi. Each of the Stars is related to one of the five elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of the Stars relates to a compass direction e.g. North is Water. Listed below are some of the many attributes associated with each of the 9 Stars.

1 Star

Trigram K’an
Symbolism Water
Direction North
Family member Middle son
Person Men 16-22 years old
Element Water
Colour White transparent
Organs Kidneys, Bladder
System Reproductive, Adrenal
Health Melancholia, Earache

2 Star

Trigram K’un
Symbolism Earth
Direction South West
Family member Mother
Person Elderly Ladies
Element Earth
Colour Black
Organs Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach
System Lymph, Immune System
Health Skin Disease, Blood Disease, Tongue & Throat Ailments, Digestive, Congestion

3 Star

Trigram Chen
Symbolism Thunder
Direction East
Family member Eldest Son
Person Men 23-40 years old
Element Wood
Colour Bright Green
Organs Liver, Gallbladder
Health Digestion, Congestion, Skin & Blood ailments

4 Star

Trigram Sun
Symbolism Wind
Family member Eldest Daughter
Person Women 21-40 years old
Element Wood
Colour Green
Organs Liver, Gallbladder
Health Colds, Hyperactivity, Spine Trouble

5 Star

Trigram None – The centre Tai Chi
Symbolism The centre
Family member None
Element Earth
Colour Yellow

6 Star

Trigram Ch’ien
Symbolism Heaven
Family member Father
Person Elderly men
Element Metal
Colour White
Organs Lungs, Skin
Health Broken Bones, Heart Attacks, Migraines, Lung Ailments, Swellings

7 Star

Trigram Tui
Symbolism Lake
Family member Youngest Daughter
Person Women under 16 years old
Element Metal
Colour Red
Organs Colon, Large Intestine
Health Chest/Breast, Pelvic/Hip Disorders, Joint, Skull Injuries

8 Star

Trigram Ken
Symbolism Mountain
Family member Youngest Son
Person Males under 16 years old
Element Earth
Colour White
Organs Pancreas
Health Arthritis, Fatigue, Nasal difficulties, Leg problems

9 Star

Trigram Li
Symbolism Fire
Family member Middle daughter
Person Women 15-20 years old
Element Fire
Colour Purple
Organs Heart, Small Intestine
System Circulation
Health Mental Illness, Brain Tumours, Heart Ailments, Blood Disorders, High Fevers, Eye Disease