Missing Building Shape Feng Shui

Missing Building Shape

Feng Shui Trigrams and your Property

The most accurate tool in Feng Shui is the Chinese Lo Pan Compass, which determines the exact orientation of a property and which Chinese Mountains the degree relates to. Each Mountain takes up 15 degrees on the compass. Once the cardinal directions are known e.g. South, these can be plotted on the plot plan to begin the Feng Shui analysis.

Accurate Floor Plan

For a building shape analysis, the property floor plan is divided into 8 cardinal sectors and 1 central Tai Chi sector. It looks similar to a pie chart that centres in the middle of the floor plan. Some use a square grid over the floor plan, the most accurate is the sector division chart as shown.

Building Shape

In Form School Feng Shui, the building shape has a significant influence on the occupants. In the building shape, if more than one third of the sector is missing, this is a complete missing sector. If less than one third is missing this is not classed as a missing area. In the building shape below, when squaring the building shape up, a large part of the home is ‘missing’.

Trigrams Feng Shui


Each sector relates to a Feng Shui Trigram, a family member and an occupant. If the area is missing in the building shape that occupant may be unsupported or absent in the household. Each Trigram also has an organ, body part and illness associated to it. With a missing sector this highlights a weakness with that occupant. If an area in the property is enlarged, then this has the opposite effect and that family member may overpower, outwardly influence the others and be too dominant.

Using the compass to work out the cardinals of the plan above, a small part of the South, the complete South West and part of the West are missing.

Missing Mother Trigram

To pick one of the Trigrams, the complete South West is missing relating to the Mother Trigram. This could be the literal Mother of the home, the main woman of the household and elderly ladies. The Mother figure may be missing from the home in some way, spends a lot of time at work or travelling. As a person she may be undermined at home, suffer from a lack of support and restlessness. Her children could be disobedient and the household could have difficulties from this. Health concerns are for the spleen or pancreas with problems in her stomach, lymph, abdominal & reproductive area. Typical conditions for the South West sector would be skin disease, blood disease, immune system, tongue & throat ailments, digestion and congestion.

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The 5 Element Theory can be used to help support and strengthen a missing area in the building shape using the interior & exterior. Other influences are also checked for in the landscape to make sure that the missing area is not being aggravated by anything negative.

Ideally this shape of home would not be suited to a woman as the main female in the home. It would be worth checking out any missing areas in a home that you move to so that each family member is supported. Prevention is better than any remedies carried out in a weak Mother Trigram property.

If you have a missing area, you can fill this in the garden/grounds to make it more complete as shown in the following graphic.

Trigrams Feng Shui