The Year Breaker

The Year Breaker

Classical Feng Shui


In February every year the year breaker star moves to a new cardinal sector, sitting directly opposite the Grand Duke, which causing a clash. It is seen as unfavourable during activities such as ground breaking, construction and noise within your plot and property. This annual affliction takes up 15 degrees on the compass, one single mountain on the Feng Shui compass.

For this sector avoid:

  • New constructions that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Renovations to buildings that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Ground breaking, digging, demolition, maintenance in the exterior/interior
  • Renovations, remodelling, decoration in the interior
  • Noisy activities, disturbance, clutter, untidiness

Associated negative effects if this sector is disturbed are weaker than the Grand Duke position; illness, sickness and health conditions, especially for the elderly generations. The effects are felt in the same year.

Inline with the Grand Duke, it is favourable to sit facing the year breaker and having your back to it should be avoided. Avoid sitting on the Sui Po location, this is not regarded as favourable.

If your front door is in the year breaker sector (15 degrees), the tendency is to spend more money as a consumer.