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Feng Shui Basics

Let's look at some Feng Shui basics. Go back twenty or thirty years in the Western world and people would say Feng what? Shooeee? Schway? Pronunciation aside, Feng Shui Consultants were seen as new age hippies providing entertainment and wrapped in superstition. The same was said of acupuncture, kinesiology, Tai Chi, Chi Gung and other holistic disciplines for health and wellbeing.

Nowadays acupuncture is recognised within Western medicine and has proved to be an effective tool to improve health and wellbeing. Whatever the basis of the system is, it simply works. Unfortunately traditional Feng Shui has not received the same mainstream exposure and acceptance in the Western world. People are still wary about Feng Shui Practitioners and with good cause.

Unregulated industry

This hasn’t been helped by an unregulated industry and Feng Shui Consultants who make big promises to their clients about health, wealth, love and career all focusing on personal gain. The Western impression of Feng Shui is warped and does not relate to Chinese thinking or the original foundations of Feng Shui. What caused this warp?

Somewhere along the line, people have picked up the very top layers of Feng Shui and seen how these can be exploited. Feng Shui has become a marketing tactic with promises of the impossible for big bucks to line someone else’s pockets.

Feng Shui made easy?

If Feng Shui basics were so simple and easy to apply to any property, wouldn’t we all be Feng Shui professionals? Wouldn’t we all be rich? Wouldn’t we all be in love forever? Wouldn’t we all be super healthy and wouldn’t we all have the perfect career? Unfortunately life doesn’t happen that way, and it is certainly not the way of the Tao. Feng Shui as with acupuncture stem from Taoist philosophy.

Traditional Feng Shui is used as a tool for environment and building analysis. Traditional Feng Shui Consultants, and that is myself included, will not promise you the earth. They are there to guide you how to make the most of the spaces you live or work in. To gain a deeper understanding of your surrounding environment and orientation. There is not a perfect property or location, it does not exist as there are many layers to observe and analyse, with some calculations that change over time.

Some Feng Shui perspective

So, let’s gain some perspective and look at Feng Shui basics……

  • In China, Feng Shui is not used as a guarantee for personal or business success.
  • In China, ONLY traditional and authentic Feng Shui methods are used. Westernised systems are not seen as authentic.
  • In China, Feng Shui has been a part of life for centuries, from the ancients up to today in the modern world.
  • In China, Feng Shui is not seen as something new-age.
  • In China, Feng Shui Consultants are used for the majority of new commercial buildings and is commonplace alongside architecture, design and build.

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