Feng Shui Elements Cycle

Five Elements Cycle

In the five element theory, each element is connected to the other four elements through a different relationship. Each relationship helps create balance in the five element chart. Too much of one element can be as unfavourable as too little. When there is natural balance in the cycles, all of the elements are working together in harmony.






Feng Shui Constructive Element Cycle

The Constructive Cycle

(Productive/ Generating / Creative / Nourishing / Supportive)
Fire produces Earth
Earth produces Metal
Metal produces Water
Water produces Wood
Wood produces Fire

Water is needed to nourish Wood, it feeds the wood to grow strong. Without Water, Wood could not flourish. Wood is needed to build and feed a Fire. Without Wood, Fire cannot burn forever.

Draining Five Element Cycle

The Draining Cycle

(Exhausting / Weakening)
Fire drains Wood
Earth drains Fire
Metal drains Earth
Water drains Metal
Wood drains Water

Wood uses Water to feed it, to make it stronger and healthier. This drains resources from Water, weakening it. Water can become too weak, and could no longer support Wood. Fire burns Wood, it consumes Wood with heat until nothing is left but ash (Earth).

Feng Shui Controlling Element Cycle

The Deconstructive Cycle

(Controls / Husbands / Destroys /Clashes to)
Fire controls Metal
Earth controls Water
Metal controls Wood
Water controls Fire
Wood controls Earth

Water puts out Fire. If the Water Element is too powerful, it has the ability to overpower and destroy Fire. With just the right amount of Water, you can control Fire. Too little Water and Fire rages out of control.

Insultive Five Element Cycle

The Insulting Cycle

(Clashing from)
Fire insults Water
Earth insults Wood
Metal insults Fire
Water insults Earth
Wood insults Metal

The deconstructive cycle and the insulting cycle do not happen simultaneously. A weak Element can be affected by the Element it controls.