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Classical or Traditional Feng Shui is often confused with other practices. The following article will advise what authentic Feng Shui is. Other fields are usually based on belief, spiritualism and psychology. Traditional Feng shui methods do not involve the following practices.

Intuitive Feng Shui
A Feng Shui survey is not based on pure intuition. There are a number of observations to be made of the interior and exterior form, along with calculations using the Lo Pan compass. A consultant who just 'feels' what is right for the property, may not be practicing Classical Feng Shui. It is best to ask for the methods they use in advance so you can see if these suit your needs.

Interior Design
Feng Shui is often mixed up with interior design. It has become a buzzword that interior designers use to ‘woo’ their clients with jargon and trend. Classical Feng Shui does not hold aesthetics as the priority. Your home could be the most beautiful example of contemporary design, however it could hold features that do not support one or more of the occupants, or the room location and home layout may be associated with negative health effects etc.

Chinese Astrology is used with some Feng Shui methods. However, there is a difference between house astrology and personal astrology. Using personal astrology in a property with multiple occupants can become impractical. This is called the Feng Shui East-West School method, which uses your date of birth and gender to find out your personal Kua number and the best locations for you in your property. House astrology known as the Eight Mansions is one layer of Classical Feng Shui analysis. Western Astrology has no relevance to Feng Shui.

Clearing Clutter
They say; tidy environment, tidy mind. The experience of living in a clean, tidy and organised home compared to a home that is dirty, full of rubbish and overcrowded with belongings would naturally be entirely different. Just as much as the posture of someone depressed can often be slumped, sallow and limp compared to the upright, energetic and flexed posture of someone who is full of joy. Your surroundings do reflect the internal mind, so one step towards holistic living is to create a home that is free of clutter, organised, makes the most of natural daylight etc., aiding your home living experience.

Feng Shui is not a religion, faith based practice or belief system. It is a set of tools for environment analysis. Religions, by whatever name do not cross over with Feng Shui. Whether you are a Catholic, Hindu or atheist, Classical Feng Shui methods can be applied to your property without crossing over your principles or beliefs.

Paranormal / Unexplained / Magic / Witchcraft / Superstition
There are no voodoo tricks, spells or ghosts in traditional Feng Shui. Rest assured that the methods used do not awaken spirits, place curses or use the black arts. Feng Shui systems are based on astronomy, geography, time and human interactions.

In traditional Feng Shui the material crystal represents the Water Element in the Five Element Theory. In new age Feng Shui, crystals have become a gimmick e.g. hanging a Feng Shui crystal in your love corner for your better relationships. Crystals are said to have healing properties depending on the type of crystal, but this is not part of authentic Feng Shui. Crystal healing is another practice entirely.

Geopathic Stress / Earth Acupuncture / Dowsing
Dowsing for Geopathic Stress is a belief based practice focuses on locating negative earth energy lines with the art of dowsing rods or a pendulum. Negative energy lines are associated with ill health and can be healed on site or remotely. This is another field that regularly gets mixed up with traditional Feng Shui, again incorrectly.

Space Clearing
Some Feng Shui consultants provide space clearing services on top of their Feng Shui survey, however this is not a recognised traditional Feng Shui method. Space Clearing is used to refresh the atmosphere in a room. Residual Chi is said to build up in your home from emotions and experiences; in the walls, furniture and fittings, where the energy becomes stuck over time. A Space Clearing ceremony is then performed to give the energy a spring clean and to get life moving once again.

Intention, Positive Affirmations, Law of Attraction
Some Feng Shui practitioners use a mixture of psychology and spiritualism as a system for Feng Shui, again not the case for traditional methods. These practices are completely separate and are based on finding inner belief and surrounding yourself with positive verbal and visual associations.

Fake Feng Shui - What Feng Shui is not!
As you have read Classical Feng Shui is not intuitive, spiritual, mythical or based on positive thinking. From that you can avoid Fake Feng Shui and opt for the authentic practice. Feng Shui aims to create potential, however it is not based on “I think so, therefore it will be”. Creating potential within a property means you are part of the process, potential has to be harnessed and you are responsible for where potential leads to. You have the freedom to define your life and surroundings, it’s your choice.

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