The Art of Wind and Water

Welcome to ‘The Art of Wind and Water’.

I have always been aware of how important our surrounding environment is. The influence that space, colour, shape, texture and form have on your health and well-being. The natural environment, surrounding landscape, natural light and building orientation are integral parts of architecture and interior design.

I first encountered Feng Shui during my Bachelor of Arts studies in interior design & interior architecture. My advanced project was based on a major commercial build, sustainable interior design and 3 Gate Chi Feng Shui. I found Feng Shui intriguing and inspiring as everybody does. I collected as many books on the subject as I could and over the years I thought to myself, wow this is really it.

So there was my first mistake, that wasn’t really it at all. I had only scratched the surface, no not even that, more of a bump. Authentic Feng Shui is far removed from the watered down 3 Gate chi version, salt, Bagua mirrors and using red in relationship corners. This is where the water becomes muddy. If the majority of Feng Shui consultants are providing this very service, then how can it be wrong?

After further studies in Classical Feng Shui, I found the very thing that had intrigued and inspired me years before. In 2008 I qualified as a professional Feng Shui consultant in the UK through an accredited course with the Feng Shui Society.  Since then my professional work history has centred around the Classical Chinese arts. From Feng Shui consulting, 9 Star Ki astrology, to teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Taoist meditation.

Classical Feng Shui is a tool for environment analysis, to find balance between a property and the land by studying orientation, landform, location and time. Today, I combine all of the skills I have developed, drawing on my experience working as an interior architect to offer practical Feng Shui advice without the foo foo.  Through an analysis, I aim to show home-owners and renters how they can best support themselves and their family by adapting and refining their living environment, all to create potential.

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