What is Compass School Feng Shui

Compass School Feng Shui

Compass school methods use ancient mathematical formulae that analyse orientation and the time factor. Accurate degrees of measurement are taken with the Lo Pan Compass and the formulae are applied to the exterior plot and interior floor plan of your property. Compass readings can be taken from the front door, the back door and inside the home. There are a variety of readings and formulae within the Compass School each analysing a different aspect.

How to Draw A Floor Plan

  • An accurate floor plan of each floor in your property is essential before starting to lay over the compass school methods of analysis.
  • Use my guide to help draw a scaled floor plan.

Using a Compass

  • Learning how to take an accurate compass reading is essential to calculating the site and facing mountains of your property ready for the Feng Shui blueprint to be overlaid.
  • Use my guide to help take a compass reading.

The Lo Shu Square

A numerical square used since ancient times to practice Feng Shui. The total of any line in any direction adds up to the number fifteen. These are based on the eight trigrams and provide a numerical diagram of the Bagua grid. Used in Classical Feng Sui analysis, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element theory.

House Kua - 8 Mansions

This formula is calculated using the site and facing mountain of your property. The property is divided into eight sectors, each sector holds a particular association. The findings are a permanent state, meaning they do not change with time. Function is priority with the 8 Mansions, making the best use of each sector according to the influence that resides there.

Period Flying Stars

A Feng Shui formula using the cardinal directions and the Lo Shu square. This is used to analyse the space within a building to make the most of the surrounding interior environment. Each sector of the interior represents a Chinese Trigram and Lo Shu number. The combination of stars are used to determine strong or weak areas. The 5 Element Theory is used alongside the Flying Stars to either add strength to or to drain these areas.

Annual Visiting Flying Stars

Around the 4th February each year, the new Feng Shui year begins, in line with the Chinese solar year, Li Chun, the first day of Spring. Every year the visiting Flying Stars move sector bringing a new influence into each cardinal sector in the property and with this comes a change in the natal Flying Stars blueprint.

Front Door Colour

Use the compass to calculate your site mountain to determine the most favourable colour for your front door.

Multiple Feng Shui Method Analysis

Combining the 8 Mansions and Flying Stars in Classical Feng Shui.

2024 Annual Influence Report

Assess your property using the 2024 Feng Shui influences, available wherever you live in the world. This service provides a mini analysis of your plot and property.

Professional Feng Shui Survey

This Feng Shui survey is a remote service available wherever you live in the world, saving you the cost of on-site meetings. Learn about the unique Feng Shui blueprint of your home, so you can understand the space and environment you live in. Classical Feng Shui will show the relationship between your home and the occupants.