Flying Stars 2022

Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars 2022

Flying Stars 2022

Classical Feng Shui

The new Feng Shui year begins on the 3rd February 2022, in line with the Chinese solar year, Li Chun, the first day of Spring. 2022 is governed by the Tiger and the 5 Earth Lo Shu number. Every year the visiting Flying Stars move sector bringing a new influence into each cardinal sector in the property and with this comes a change in the natal Flying Stars blueprint. On this day the Annual Afflictions also move around the Lo Shu square, changing the favourable and unfavourable sectors when considering construction and ground breaking in 2022. Read more about these 2022 Feng Shui influences here.

Flying Stars 2022

Annual Flying Stars 2022

The 5 Earth Year

5 Star - Central Palace - Unfavourable
The 5 Yellow Star. A difficult star that can be weakened using the Metal Element. This sector should be quiet, peaceful, free of clutter and limiting construction or ground breaking, with little activity for the year. Use a five prong metal wind chime to dissipate the effects.

1 Star - North - Favourable
The 1 Water Star is known for personal growth, reputation, recognition and development.

8 Star - North East - Favourable
The 8 Earth Star is seen as the most beneficial of flying stars, associates with wealth, income, finance, transactions and business.

3 Star - East - Unfavourable
The 3 Wood Star is associated with arguments, stress, lawsuits, legal problems, raised tempers and conflict.

4 Star - South East - Favourable
The 4 Wood Star is associated with education, study, academia.

9 Star - South - Favourable
The 9 Fire Star, is associated with expansion, promotion, recognition and new beginnings.

2 Star - South West - Unfavourable
The 2 Earth Star that brings health problems and illness to this sector, relating to stomach, respiration conditions and health issues. Not suited to where you sleep, rest, cook or spend time in.

7 Star - West - Unfavourable
The 7 Metal Star is known as the broken soldier or fighting Star. Associated with loss, burglary, accidents, gossip, back stabbing, deception and high emotions. Robbery can mean anything from people using your things, using your time to the extreme of theft itself. Take care with external doors and windows in this sector for the year.

6 Star - North West - Favourable
The 6 Metal Star, is known as the military Star associated with power, authority, career, politicians, leadership and strength.

The 2022 Flying Stars in Practice
This example shows a residential property on the ground floor, with a scaled floor and plot plan. Once the site mountain and site facing compass degree measurements have been taken and noted on the plans, the flying star sectors for 2022 have been over-laid. An analysis of entrance and back doors, room function and layout can then be made for the year.

2022 Property Plan Flying Stars

Further Analysis

This webpage gives a basic level of understanding of the annual visiting flying stars. A deeper level of Classical Feng Shui considers the annual visiting stars influence on the natal flying star chart. Each sector holds a combination of stars, from the permanent Eight Mansions and the master Lo Shu square, to the flying stars of the current fate period. An analysis of the combined elements is conducted to see whether the visiting stars activate potential in the natal blueprint, or cause troublesome influences in the natal blueprint. This forms part of a full Feng Shui survey.