Form School Feng Shui

Responding to our natural and climatic environment during design and build has been a part of architecture since ancient times. Typically houses that were built in the Northern Hemisphere in colder climates, had small windows fitted to contain the heat, with north facing windows being much smaller than south facing. Modern day advances in architecture, building materials and technology have helped us move away from these necessities. Natural daylighting has become an important part of health and wellbeing in our homes and offices.

Traditional Form School Feng Shui is the study of our surrounding environment, both natural and urban. Your home interior, your property plot, the orientation of the property and the landscape your home sits in all have an effect on your life. Exterior Form School methods of observation and analyse account for 60% of a professional Feng Shui survey.

Exterior Form
The observation and analysis of proportion, location, landform, geography, orientation, space and structural form in the surrounding environment outside your home, both the natural and built environment. Extending to an analysis of the shape of your property, if the building shape is not square or rectangle, this is unfavourable and may cause weakness with one of the occupants. It is possible to identify the Trigram sector by mapping out the compass directions onto your plot and property plan, and applying simple methods to strengthen and support that sector.

Interior Form
The observation and analysis of proportion, size, shape, location, layout, space and structural form in your home. Everything from sight, sound, smell to touch can have an influence on your comfort levels. Ease of passage and circulation for people/ air currents are both important so that areas do not ‘stagnate’, become impassable or air locked. This interior form school is about common sense, good design and creating support in your property, using each room of your home.

I Ching
The ‘Book of Changes’ is an ancient Chinese oracle which centres around the 8 Trigrams, the 64 hexagrams and their representations. One set of trigrams are analysed for the exterior; the Early Heaven Sequence and one set of Trigrams are analysed for the interior; Late Heaven Sequence.

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