Chinese Trigrams

Chinese Trigrams

The 8 Chinese trigrams (and central number 5 which does not have a Trigram), are associated with a cardinal direction, number, element, organ, body part, illness and other associations. The 8 trigrams are birthed from the 5 elements, which are birthed from yin yang.

(unity / the one / the whole / the complete)

divides into

Yin Yang
(absolute and infinity)

which then divide into

The 5 Elements
(Wu Xing)

which then divide into

The 8 Trigrams

which then divide into

The 64 Hexagrams

These Trigrams are rooted in the I Ching (Book of Changes) and when two of the trigrams are combined, they become 64 hexagrams. In Classical Feng Shui, there are 8 compass directions and the Tai Chi (middle sector). This creates up an octagonal shape that can be laid over a plot or floor plan (known as the Bagua).

Trigrams Feng Shui

Trigrams & Their Associations

Trigram K’an

  • Symbolism Water
  • Direction Early Heaven West
  • Direction Late Heaven North
  • Family Member Middle son
  • Person Men 16-22 years old
  • Character Hardship
  • Season Mid Winter
  • Time Midnight
  • Element Water
  • Colour White, Transparent
  • Organs Kidneys, Bladder
  • System Reproductive, Adrenal
  • Health Melancholia, Earache
  • Weather Heavy Rain, Flooding
  • Calendar Winter Solstice to 4 February
  • Food Salt, Seaweed, Soy Sauce, Salty Fish, Dairy
KAN Trigram Taoism

Trigram K’un

  • Symbolism Earth
  • Direction Early Heaven North
  • Direction Late Heaven South West
  • Family Member Mother
  • Person Elderly Ladies
  • Character Receptive
  • Season Early Autumn
  • Time Early Afternoon
  • Element Earth
  • Colour Black
  • Organs Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach
  • System Lymph, Immune System
  • Health Skin Disease, Blood Disease, Tongue & Throat Ailments, Digestive, Congestion
  • Weather Cloudy, Low Pressure
  • Calendar 7 August to Autumn Equinox
  • Food Sweet Potatoes, Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Desserts
KUN Trigram Taoism

Trigram Chen

  • Symbolism Thunder
  • Direction Early Heaven North East
  • Direction Late Heaven East
  • Family Member Eldest Son
  • Person Men 23-40 years old
  • Character Arousing
  • Season Spring
  • Time Morning
  • Element Wood
  • Colour Bright Green
  • Organs Liver, Gallbladder
  • Health Digestion, Congestion, Skin & Blood ailments
  • Weather Mild, Clear Skies, Thunderstorm, Hurricanes, Gales
  • Calendar Vernal Equinox to 5 May
  • Food Citrus Fruit, Green Vegetables, Peaches, Plums, Grapefruits, Prunes
CHEN Trigram Taoism

Trigram Sun

  • Symbolism Wind
  • Direction Early Heaven South West
  • Direction Late Heaven South East
  • Family Member Eldest Daughter
  • Person Women 21-40 years old
  • Character Penetration
  • Season Late Spring
  • Time Late Morning
  • Element Wood
  • Colour Green
  • Organs Liver, Gallbladder
  • Health Colds, Hyperactivity, Spine Trouble
  • Weather Windy, Tornado
  • Calendar 5 May to Summer Solstice
  • Food Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Cauliflowers
SUN Trigram Taoism

Trigram Ch’ien

  • Symbolism Heaven
  • Direction Early Heaven South
  • Direction Late Heaven North West
  • Family Member Father
  • Person Elderly men
  • Character Creative
  • Season Late Autumn
  • Time Dusk
  • Element Metal
  • Colour White
  • Organs Lungs, Skin
  • Health Broken Bones, Heart Attacks, Migraines, Lung Ailments, Swellings
  • Weather Clear, Crisp Cold, High Pressure
  • Calendar 7 November to Winter Solstice
  • Food Uncooked Non Green Vegetables, Rye, Oats, Fresh Fruit, Soya
CHIEN Trigram Taoism

Trigram Tui

  • Symbolism Lake
  • Direction Early Heaven South East
  • Direction Late Heaven West
  • Family Member Youngest Daughter
  • Person Women under 16 years old
  • Character Joyousness
  • Season Early Autumn
  • Time Evening
  • Element Metal
  • Colour Red
  • Organs Colon, Large Intestine
  • Health Chest/Breast, Pelvic/Hip Disorders, Joint, Skull Injuries
  • Weather Rain, Fog, Smog
  • Calendar Autumn Equinox to 7 November
  • Food Mutton, Fish, Honey, Coffee, Wine
TUI Trigram Taoism

Trigram Ken

  • Symbolism Mountain
  • Direction Early Heaven North West
  • Direction Late Heaven North East
  • Family Member Youngest Son
  • Person Males under 16 years old
  • Character Keeping Still
  • Season Early Spring
  • Time Dawn
  • Element Earth
  • Colour White
  • Organs Pancreas
  • Health Arthritis, Fatigue, Nasal difficulties, Leg problems
  • Weather Clouds Clearing Away
  • Calendar 5 February to Vernal Equinox
  • Food Mushrooms, Avocados, Cooked Cereals, Preserved Foods
KEN Trigram Taoism

Trigram Li

  • Symbolism Fire
  • Direction Early Heaven East
  • Direction Late Heaven South
  • Family Member Middle daughter
  • Person Women 15-20 years old
  • Character Clarity
  • Season Mid Summer
  • Time Midday
  • Element Fire
  • Colour Purple
  • Organs Heart, Small Intestine
  • System Circulation
  • Health Mental Illness, Brain Tumours, Heart Ailments, Blood Disorders, High Fevers, Eye Disease
  • Weather Clear, Dry, Warm
  • Calendar Summer Solstice to 7 August
  • Food Shellfish, Peanuts, Dried Fruit, Colourful Food
LI Trigram Taoism

Feng Shui Sectors - Relates to the Property Interior

The 'Late Heaven' Sequence

Late Heaven Trigrams in Taoism

Feng Shui Sectors - Relates to the Property Exterior, Plot & Grounds

The 'Early Heaven' Sequence

Early Heaven Trigrams in Taoism

Tai Chi Martial Applications & the 8 Trigrams

Qigong & the 8 Trigrams

Feng Shui 8 Mansions - 8 Trigrams House Analysis

One layer of Classical Feng Shui analysis uses the 8 trigrams to plot floor layout. Called the House Kua formula, the property is divided into eight sectors, which depending on the compass direction that your property is facing will be associated with one of the Chinese trigrams. This formula can be manipulated by adapting room location and function as it is a permanent state in compass school Feng Shui. Each property will be known as one of the 8 House Kua’s, based on the site degree calculated from the rear of the property. Click on the images below to find out more about the 8 base trigrams in Classical Feng Shui.

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