There are 8 compass directions and the Tai Chi (middle sector). This creates up an octagonal shape that can be laid over a plot or floor plan (known as the Bagua).

Feng Shui sectors and their interior associations

From the 'Late Heaven' sequence

South East - 4

Trigram Sun
Family Member Eldest Daughter
Symbol Wind
Element Wood
Organ Liver, Gallbladder

South - 9

Trigram Li
Family Member Middle Daughter
Symbol Sun
Element Fire
Organ Heart, Small Intestine

South West - 2

Trigram K’un
Family Member Mother
Symbol Earth
Element Soil
Organ Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach

East - 3

Trigram Chen
Family Member Eldest Son
Symbol Thunder
Element Wood
Organ Liver, Gallbladder

Centre - 5

Trigram Tai Chi
Family Member n/a
Symbol n/a
Element Earth
Organ n/a

West - 7

Trigram Tui
Family Member Youngest Daughter
Symbol Thunder
Element Metal
Organ Colon, Large Intestine

North East - 8

Trigram Ken
Family Member Youngest Son
Symbol Mountain
Element Earth
Organ Colon, Large Intestine

North - 1

Trigram K’an
Family Member Middle Son
Symbol Moon
Element Water
Organ Kidneys, Bladder

North West - 6

Trigram Ch’ien
Family Member Father
Symbol Heaven
Element Metal
Organ Lungs, Skin

Building Shape

Lo Shu Square

Annual Afflictions

5 Elements

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