Classical Feng Shui Cross Analysis

Feng Shui Cross Analysis

The 8 Mansions method looks at the permanent influence of each sector based on orientation. There are 4 favourable and 4 unfavourable sectors. These areas can be manipulated using room location and function. In other Compass School Feng Shui methods, the Flying Stars method looks at the influence in each sector based on orientation and the current time period. The Annual Flying Stars method looks at the yearly influence including the Annual Afflictions.

  • 8 Mansions - Suited to the long term, stable, take longer to develop
  • Flying Stars - Quicker results, that change with time
  • Annual Flying Star - Yearly influence
  • Combination - In-depth understanding of a sector

What if the findings contradict?

Example; A favourable 8 Mansions sector with an unfavourable Flying Stars combination. A deeper interpretation is needed.

  • 8 Mansions 6 Killings (Liu Sha)
  • Flying Stars Money Energy
  • Annual Flying Star 8 Earth Star

Interpretation: Great potential for good finances, business success and financial security, with this potential comes possible lawsuits, arguments, conflict and general difficulty.

If this was your home office, which is the most important trait? Can you live with a compromise and have potential for good finances with difficulty? Is this the best sector in the building for your home office? Each sector should be analysed to provide you with a property blueprint. The following analysis will look at each sector and the influences within them.