5 Yellow Star

5 Yellow Star

Classical Feng Shui


In February every year the five yellow star moves to a new cardinal sector. It is seen as unfavourable during activities such as ground breaking, construction and noise within your plot and property. The 5 yellow star is seen as troublesome and volatile, it is an influence that should be left undisturbed.

For this sector avoid:

  • New constructions that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Renovations to buildings that sit in this sector within the plot
  • Ground breaking, digging, demolition, maintenance in the exterior/interior
  • Renovations, remodelling, decoration in the interior
  • Noisy activities, disturbance, clutter, untidiness

Associated negative effects if this sector is disturbed are: loss, health, relationships, misfortune and mishaps.

The five yellow star is not represented by a gender or Chinese Trigram, unlike the other eight flying stars. The difference with the five yellow star compared to the other ‘true’ annual afflictions is that it follows the Lo Shu square sequence (as the annual flying stars do). Every nine years this star will sit in the central position of a plot and property plan (known as the Tai Chi), which again is unlike the other annual afflictions.

Windows & Doors
If this sector is by an entrance, window or door, place a metal object between the property and the direction facing the five yellow star, e.g. on a window sill, by an exterior wall to help weaken this star. In the Five Element cycle, the metal element drains the earth element that is associated with the five yellow star.