Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) translates from Chinese to English as “wind-water”. The Feng Shui symbol represents each of the elements. The water character is the physical/tangible and the wind character is the invisible/un-tangible.

Feng Shui is the study of the earth (geography), heaven (astronomy) and our human interactions. It’s a practical approach to understanding the potential of orientation, location and land form in the natural and built environment. The surrounding environment and the space you occupy all have an influence on your life.

A Feng Shui survey assesses your property looking for strengths and weaknesses using a number of different methods. With an understanding of the natural and urban landscape, and interior space and time, you can make the most of your home. Practical recommendations are made which aim to create potential. Authentic Feng Shui does not rely on faith, religion, belief or superstition.

A Classical Feng Shui Consultation can help with the following:

  • Optimise potential within the property over time
  • Highlight favourable areas & how to use/manipulate them
  • Forecast beneficial areas over different time periods
  • Lessen stress, move away from lethargy & improve motivation
  • Improve support for each occupant (family member or staff)
  • Personal progression & completion
  • The potential for supporting health, wellbeing & comfort
  • Study & moving forward at work
  • Business potential, retention & finances
  • Improve personal relationships

Classical Feng Shui is made up of ‘compass school’ and ‘form school’ methods of landscape, plot, building and interior analysis:


A specialised compass called a ‘Lo Pan’ is used to take accurate orientation measurements which are mapped onto environmental maps, plot plans and interior floor plans.

Each of the eight cardinal sectors are analysed using various ‘Star’ calculations to confirm the unfavourable and favourable areas in a property.



Observing the surrounding exterior and interior environment, providing recommendations to create a supportive environment.

Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the property, plot and building shape using the early and heaven sequence of trigrams.


This Feng Shui survey is a remote service available wherever you live in the world, saving you the cost of on-site meetings. Learn about the unique Feng Shui blueprint of your home, so you can understand the affects of the surrounding environment you live in. You will receive an in-depth report that gives you a transparent view of the Classical Feng Shui methods used, showing the relationship between the methods, your home and all occupants.