7 Yin Metal House 2023

7 Yin Metal House 2023

I Ching Personal Astrology

Each year your principal number moves into another Lo Shu house and the essence of the year has an influence on your life. Your 9 Star Ki astrology stars can be analysed by year, month and day. The largest personal astrology influence is the yearly house you move into. The month’s influences health and emotions, and the day house relates to the Qi of the day. By knowing which house you are in, you can use the year to your potential. Knowing when to rest, when to prepare and when to initiate projects.

I Ching Astrology 7 House 2023

The 4 Yin Wood Lo Shu Year

6 Yang Metal Principal Star – is in the – 7 Yin Metal House


  • The house of chilling out.
  • Late autumn.
  • A lovely year to relax, let go of the grind, celebrate, socialise and entertain.
  • A softer more reflective space to be in.
  • Avoid taking life too seriously.
  • A good space to reflect on life and see the bigger picture.
  • Other people may not take you too seriously.
  • Relationships may come and go briefly.
  • There is potential for an unexpected windfall.
  • Avoid over spending.
  • Misunderstandings can easily arise, communicate clearly and listen actively.
  • Can feel more vulnerable this year.
  • Connect more to your spiritual self, your natural essence and inner being.


Health Weakness

  • Colon, gut, large intestine, lungs.
  • Depression, grief, sadness, isolation.
  • Take care of your bones (breaks/accidents).