8 Earth House 2023

8 Earth House in I Ching Astrology

8 Earth House 2023

I Ching Personal Astrology

Each year your principal number moves into another Lo Shu house and the essence of the year has an influence on your life. Your 9 Star Ki astrology stars can be analysed by year, month and day. The largest personal astrology influence is the yearly house you move into. The month’s influences health and emotions, and the day house relates to the Qi of the day. By knowing which house you are in, you can use the year to your potential. Knowing when to rest, when to prepare and when to initiate projects.

I Ching Astrology 8 House 2023

4 Yin Wood Lo Shu Year

7 Yin Metal Principal Star – is in the – 8 Earth House


  • The house of stillness.
  • Early spring.
  • A time when enormous change is about to happen (the next year 9 Fire).
  • You may feel like something big is coming.
  • You may become less communicative.
  • You may experience miscommunication as others may not hear what you are saying.
  • You may come across as being insular, quieter than normal and stubborn.
  • Take time to work on your communication, to speak clearly and listen actively.
  • Avoid point proving and being too forceful with others.
  • You can become isolated from people.
  • Have awareness of whether you are becoming too insular and make an effort to be social.
  • Spend time gaining knowledge.
  • Avoid growing new ideas.
  • Stay rested and calm.
  • Avoid stagnation by exercising regularly.


Health Weakness

  • Blood circulation, blood sugar, pancreas.
  • Learn to graze, lymph system function.