1 Water House 2023

1 Water House in I Ching Astrology

1 Water House 2023

I Ching Personal Astrology

The Lo Shu square with number 5 in the middle stars the same, this is the base Lo Shu that is permanent and does not move. Each of the 9 principal stars move around the Lo Shu square every year. Each year holds a specific essence that influences you for that time period. Knowing which house you are in for the year helps you understand what to expect and how to use the yearly influences to raise potential.

Which house does your I Ching astrology star occupy during the:

  • 9 years cycles
  • 9 month cycles
  • 9 day cycles

The largest impact is the year house. You can also calculate month per month for emotions and health, and day by day for the essence of the day.

I Ching Astrology 1 House 2023

4 Yin Wood Lo Shu Year

9 Fire Principal Star – is in the – 1 Water House


  • The house of planning.
  • Mid winter.
  • A time for preparation and getting ready for spring.
  • A quieter time to rest and recharge.
  • Still and calm like the depths of the ocean.
  • Don’t expect people to gravitate towards you.
  • Can be isolating and withdrawn.
  • You may appear introverted to others.
  • You may feel inactive, with little growth and lack energy.
  • May become vulnerable.
  • May appear quiet and withdrawn to other people.
  • May feel left out.
  • May feel that projects are not moving forwards or paused.
  • You may feel like you are not heard or have a voice, like you are under water.
  • Take time to work on your communication, to speak clearly and listen actively.
  • Find a deep inner strength and foster patience.
  • Take time to reflect, rest and sleep.
  • A time for to explore your spiritual health.
  • May feel more sensitive than normal.
  • May experience an increase in intuition.
  • A time to sow the seeds for new ideas.
  • Avoid implementing new ideas.


Health Weakness

  • Kidneys, bladder, sexual organs, drugs, alcohol, sex, courage/fear and vitality.
  • Avoid spaces that are cold and damp.

Five Element Interactions in 2023

  • 9 Fire is in an insulting cycle with the 1 water house.
  • This means take extra care with the year as the negative aspects are enhanced.