3 Yang Wood House 2023

Three Yang Wood House I Ching Astrology

3 Yang Wood House 2023

I Ching Personal Astrology

The Lo Shu square with number 5 in the middle stars the same, this is the base Lo Shu that is permanent and does not move. Each of the 9 principal stars move around the Lo Shu square every year. Each year holds a specific essence that influences you for that time period. Knowing which house you are in for the year helps you understand what to expect and how to use the yearly influences to raise potential.

Which house does your I Ching astrology star occupy during the:

  • 9 years cycles
  • 9 month cycles
  • 9 day cycles

The largest impact is the year house. You can also calculate month per month for emotions and health, and day by day for the essence of the day.

I Ching Astrology 3 House 2023


4 Yin Wood Lo Shu Year

2 Earth Principal Star – is in the – 3 Yang Wood House


  • The house of emerging growth.
  • Mid spring.
  • The re-emergence of life in the natural world.
  • A time for growth, new beginnings and starting something new.
  • A time to initiate the projects you planned over the last two years.
  • You move away from the stagnation of the previous two years.
  • You may feel inpatient, that nothing is happening fast enough.
  • You may feel you are going 100 miles per hour.
  • You may become rash and reckless.
  • Take care that you are growing in the right direction, towards considered goals.
  • Consider the details when moving so fast, take care not to miss anything.
  • Use this house for growth wisely, use the potential as it only comes around every 9 years.
  • Can be a fortunate time.
  • A time for creativity.
  • A time to travel.
  • Take care with anger and frustration.
  • Take care to avoid accidents and mishaps.


Health Weakness

  • Liver, anger, tendons, muscles, you must express yourself, inflexibility, irritable.

Five Element Interactions in 2023

  • 2 earth is in an insulting cycle with the 3 wood house.
  • This means take extra care with the year as your hastiness and recklessness may be increased.