9 Fire House 2024

Fire House in I Ching Astrology

9 Fire House 2024

I Ching Personal Astrology

Find out the annual influence in your Lo Shu astrology chart for 2024. Each of the 9 principal stars move around the base Lo Shu square every year. You can calculate what your principal star is using your date of birth from this page. Each year holds a specific essence that influences the principal star for that time period. Knowing which house you are in for the year helps you understand what to expect, what the overall influence is and where to find potential. This is not astrology similar to Western astrology where predictions are made. Instead each year holds different associations, so that you can work with the yearly influence rather than against it.  The largest influence on your principal star is the year house that star occupies for the year. You can also calculate month per month for emotions and health, and day by day for the essence of the day.

I Ching Astrology 9 House 2024

3 Yang Wood Lo Shu Year

7 Yin Metal Principal Star – is in the – 9 Fire House


  • The house of light.
  • Summer.
  • A time for great potential.
  • A powerful house for fame, enlightenment, luck and passion.
  • A time to show off.
  • Take care not to come across as overbearing to others.
  • You may feel adventurous and enthusiastic.
  • You may feel lighter, happier and joyous than normal.
  • This may alienate people who know you and attract people who have the same energy.
  • You will be seen by other people, become illuminated and exposed.
  • This may be positive or negative, wanted or unwanted attention.
  • Things like your past, or what you are hiding may come out in public.
  • As the height of yang, you feel like you have lots of energy and may burn out.
  • A time for effective communication.
  • A time for careful implementation of new ideas or projects, to ensure you stay grounded.

Health Weakness

  • Heart, small intestine, blood circulation, high blood pressure, heart disease.
  • Fevers, burns.

Five Element Interactions in 2024

7 Yin Metal Principal Star – is in the – 9 Fire House


  • The 9 fire house is in a controlling cycle with the 7 yin metal principal number.
  • This means the positive influences may be compressed during the year.
  • Fire controls metal. If the fire element is too powerful, it has the ability to overpower and melt metal. With just the right amount of fire, you can forge metal. Too little fire and metal can become over dominant. It is all about balance.
  • The 7 yin metal principal number is in an insulting cycle with the 9 fire house.
  • This means the negative influences can be heightened for the year from the clash.
  • The controlling cycle and the insulting cycle do not happen simultaneously. A weak element can be affected by the element it controls.

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