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Mini Annual Feng Shui Analysis


Assess your property using the 2024 Feng Shui influences for the year. The annual visiting stars move position on February 4th 2024 and remain there for one year. This survey is a base level service, using two Feng Shui methods for analysis.


Which sector will hold the troublesome influences?
Which sector do you need to use the 5 Elements in?
Which sector will support you more in 2024?
What will the overall influence of the Annual Afflictions be?
What influence will reside in the areas you work, rest & sleep?
What are the recommendations for the year?



The cost of the survey is per floor. Choose from the drop down list for your type of property. This survey is suited to any type of residence, from a studio flat without exterior grounds/plot up to a large detached house with multiple floors and a large garden.

* Please note this analysis is not a substitute for a full Feng Shui survey. This product is a mini analysis showing the annual influences only. For a complete understanding of your property and surrounding environment, all Form School and Compass School Feng Shui methods must be analysed.


1. Visiting Flying Stars
Using the Lo Shu Square, your analysis will show each sector and the influence of the 2024 annual flying stars. The Flying Stars hold a variety of favourable, neutral and unfavourable associations which relate to function and layout in the plot and property. Follow this link to read the basic characteristics of the visiting Flying Stars for 2024.

2. Annual Afflictions
Each year four influences move around the cardinal sectors. The Grand Duke of Jupiter, the Year Breaker, the Five Yellow Star and the Three Killings. These are known as the construction stars which are unfavourable if disturbed.  Your analysis will detail the location and influence of these constructions stars in 2024.

The majority of Feng Shui compass methods change over time, this forecast will help you manipulate the property in line with the year changes, knowing how to be in the right place at the right time.

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  • Compass e.g. camping compass that can give an accurate single degree of measurement.
  • Materials, measuring tape, graph paper to draw a floor plan OR architect floor plans.
  • Scanner or high resolution camera.
  • Access to email and a .PDF file viewer.


First Stage – Interior and Exterior Floor Plans

  • Upon purchase, you will be sent an email with instructions (.PDF file) on how to accurately draw a floor plan.
  • You must provide an accurate scaled floor plan of the plot and building, as well as a plan of each floor you occupy (either hand drawn or architect technical drawing).
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the floor plan.
  • Please also provide basic free-standing and fitted furniture placement, location of front/back doors and windows.

Second Stage – Compass Measurements

  • In the same email you will also be provided with instructions (.PDF file) on how to accurately take a compass measurement.
  • Using a compass, you will identify the site and facing mountain degree of the property.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the compass measurements.

Third Stage – Send via Email

  • Send your scanned drawings and compass measurements to me via email.

Fourth Stage – My Analysis

  • The lead time to create your report is 7 working days once you have provided all of the documents/measurements requested.
  • Your Feng Shui 2024 Flying Stars Report will be sent as a .PDF file.
  • Please note this mini survey does not include post report support whether via email or Skype. This is only available with a full Feng Shui survey.


  • Payment only via PayPal (you do not need an account).
  • You must have access to email and be able to open/view digital .PDF files on your computer.
  • No physical products/documents are provided.
  • Mobile devices not recommended.
  • All sales of this product are final.
  • No cancellations or refunds permitted due to the personalised/custom nature of this service.
  • By purchasing this analysis you are in agreement of the online survey terms and conditions.
  • Privacy policy.
  • We are based in the UK and governed by UK jurisdiction.

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