On the Chinese New Year, at 5.18pm on the 4 February 2020, the four annual afflictions change sectors and stay in one position for the year. These locations are important when considering ground breaking, construction and noisy activity in your plot and property.


The Grand Duke of Jupiter

North 2 Mountain

352.5 to 7.5 degrees


The Year Breaker

South 2 Mountain

172.5 to 187.5 degrees


The Five Yellow Star

East 1, 2, 3 Mountains

67.5 to 112.5 degrees


The Three Killings

South East 3, South 1, 2, 3, South West 1 Mountains

142.5 to 217.5 degrees

Personalised 2020 Analysis

Assess your property using the 2020 Feng Shui influences, available wherever you live in the world. This service provides a mini analysis of your plot and property, showing where the favourable and unfavourable sectors are in your home over the coming year. This survey uses the annual flying stars and the annual affliction calculations.

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The Annual Afflictions in practice.  This example shows a residential plot and property. Once the site mountain and site facing compass degree measurements have been taken and noted on the plans, the annual affliction locations for 2020 can be over-laid.

Recommendations for this plot and property

Front Door

  • For 2020 the front door is located in the Tai Shu – The Grand Duke (red). This is unfavourable and can add to the affliction traits of disagreements and  problems with authority.
  • The front door is not located in the Sui Po – Year Breaker (blue) sector which helps weaken the affliction “spending money as a consumer”.
  • The back door is located just a few degrees away from the Sui Po – Year Breaker (blue).
  • It is advised to avoid slamming both the front and back door during 2020.

For the North 2 – Grand Duke (red), South 2 – Year Breaker (blue) and South East 3, South 1, 2, 3, South West 1 – Three Killings (green) sectors avoid:

  • Within the shaded coloured areas avoid:
  • Any new construction.
  • Ground breaking, digging, demolition, maintenance in the exterior/interior.
  • Renovations, remodelling, decoration in the interior.
  • Noisy activities, disturbance, clutter, untidiness.
  • This applies to the whole of the rear garden which contains both the Year Breaker (blue) and the Three Killings (green) for 2020.

For the East 1, 2, 3 Five Yellow Star (yellow) sector:
As this sector faces an external wall without external doors or windows, the effects are much weaker. Place a metal object in the corner by the external wall and interior door to help weaken the star.

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